Villa Rezidence
& Edina

Opatija - Pearl of the Adriatic

An ideal geographical location

Our Hotel is located in Opatija, a tourist destination with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. Opatija began to develop as a tourist destination at the end of the 19th century thanks to its geographic position, making Opatija a symbol of our tourism today.

As a result of the development of a modern road network, Opatija is easily accessible by car in just a few hours of driving from all important centers of the region: within 5 hours of driving by car from the most important cities of southern and central Europe (Zagreb, Varaždin, Osijek, Split, Ljubljana, Venice, Milan, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Munich, Belgrade ...).

By airplane, Opatija can be reached via five international airports which are within a maximum of two hours of transfer.

Queen of the Adriatic - an attractive location full of events

Numerous tourists visit Opatija all year round. In addition to parks and rich vegetation, as well as a 10km (Lungo mare) sea promenade, you will also be welcomed by various cultural, entertaining, gastronomic and sporting events: Carnival, Balinjerada (Soapbox Race), Coffee Festival, Gourmet Story, RetroOpatija Festival, Opatija Carnival City, Marunada (Chestnut Festival), Chocolate Festival and Advent.

Opatija is a destination that has everything for your full vacation experience all year round.